Vertical Cemetery for Paris

By: admin | April - 13 - 2011

2011 Skyscraper Competition

Fillette Romaric, Chandrasegar Velmourougane

The densification of cities and exponential growth of its population has left very few areas for structures that do not contribute to its urban life and economy

Paris in particular, has very few land dedicated to cemeteries and every ten years the tombs are ‘recycled’ – this has led thousands of remains without a proper resting place.

The idea behind the vertical cemetery is to remember death as part of our humanity by creating a symbolic tower with a rightful place within the city that the deceased so much loved – the skyscraper will become a new landmark for the city where families could gather.

The center of the tower is occupied by a skylight, offering an opening to the sky that reflects light into a water pond at the bottom. Around the skylight, a spiral ramp offers a walkway along the graves and leads to the top with amazing views of Paris.

Each burial has its commemorative plaque and a flexible filament attached to the exterior facade which manifests the presence of the deceased ones while moving with the wind.

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