Vertical Park for New York

By:  | January - 7 - 2010

Green Skyscrapers
In the next few days we will showcase 25 innovative proposals for green skyscrapers. These projects were submitted for the Annual Skyscraper Competition from 2006 to 2009.

Project 3 of 25

Remigiusz Brodzinski, Agnieszka Lepecka, Pawel Pawlowski, Michal Stys, Monika Tutaj-Wojnowska
Ireland / Poland

Vertical Park

Vertical Park

Imagine a skyscraper which is not an apartment block or an office building. Instead it is a vertical park that rises into the sky having its head in the clouds.
It’s a place for dreaming, playing and breathing. A peaceful place where in the middle of the hectic city on the 22nd floor there is room for birds chirping, rustling of leaves, lying on the grass and hearing your heart beat.

The vertical park is not a solitary skyscraper. It is a new urban typology which would emerge in several places from the midst of monotonous blocks of the city. Any city of the world lacking green space, but with an abundance of asphalt streets and concrete blocks would be an ideal location for vertical parks. Where there is no place at all at ground level they would anchor on top of buildings and simply rise into the sky.

The height of a vertical park would depend on the density of population in a particular neighbourhood and a number of people missing a green place to dream and play in. Everyone would have a chance to find their own little world.

The vertical park does not intend to compete with the surroundings. It enriches the modern city environment by bringing back nature into the artificial urban world. It’s an ecosystem in symbiosis with the city infrastructure.

As a piece of nature it completes the city and its inhabitants, thereby spiritualizing and elevating both.

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Board - 1

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Board - 2


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