Compresscity, designed by Master of Architecture graduate Garrett Ryan Miller from California College of the Arts, is a speculative architectural intervention  that allows for a more sophisticated cross-occupation of urban vacancies near commercial and industrial zones along the Alaskan Way Viaduct in Seattle, Washington.

Commonly, cities are divided into districts along infrastructural lines such as viaducts, expressways, and double-decker roadways. As a city ages, it rebuilds itself through a varies forms of urban regeneration. Large elevated infrastructures are often removed due to age, inefficiencies and new traffic technologies. This removal produces a vacancy condition between two districts of potentially opposing zoning codes. Rather than act as a general urban planner who may attempt to reconcile the differences between the two districts, what if the differences was allowed to remain and create a new infill that is more optimal? Instead of a traditional divide, a hybridized connection could be proposed to produce a third, linear district condition from the participation of the opposing districts. This strategic coupling of districts can produce new urban opportunities that may not have been afforded given standard urban development practices.


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