Convertible Hospital Skyscraper

By:  | August - 23 - 2019

Editors’ Choice
2019 Skyscraper Competition

Chih-Ting Yeh

Each year, 1,000 or more people die in the war because when military conflicts between two or more organizations´╝îincluding wars and armed conflicts that are taking place through the world and continuing to result in violent deaths. According to the report, Syria affected madly by war afflicts and had mass injuries in the world. So Syria could be the best delivering expansion site during EMS( Emergency Medical Services) due to its central geometrical site.

Normally this hospital provides medical innovation, medication, and education. When war broke out, the purpose of the convertible hospital must be for the sake of peace, save war victims and provide EMS by helicopters and drones during shrinking. We can shrink and transform the building volumes from dividing space into those channels to connect up and downstairs, and create open spaces. it’s making of fire prevention materials and duplicate volumes by plus, rotate and assemble. Using the wooden construction of the traditional burr puzzle to shrink buildings efficiently.┬á With the transformed prefabricated hospital we can better off displacing war victims and educate those habitats for war areas.

The design type of modular units is as same as the Burrpuzzle which has six blocks of the wood tenon. Those six types of blocks could be represented as a particular rescue room, surgery room, recovery room, classrooms, connecting corridors. The block of lightweight material can be separated anytime. With the efficient allocation of these spaces, we can lower the resources waste and build by local materials. Each type of space has independent resources supply and allocation, so they can self-reliance in the war area.

The anticipation of this proposal is to allocate 6 blocks into the building, and cover 4 functions: ” Education& Research, Lightweight& Deliver, Security& Rapid, Healthy & Recovery. Among them, the lightweight takes the most of the delivering blocks. Through optimizing original medical spatial allocation, it can benefit the maximum functional ratio.

Overview of ” Convertible Hospital”, the design concept is to create a building rapidly delivering medical resources within the shortest possible time and giving the 1st aid. Then we can efficiently save and attend to injuries from wars.

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