2019 Skyscraper Competition
Editors’ Choice

Sheng Fang, Ran Chen, Yingqi Kuang, Yu Zhong, Ling Li

Dear Diary,

Tuesday, Rainy

I was living in Dharavi, the squatter where my family had been struggling in for decades. I know that life outside is totally different from Dharavi. Gradually, I became unwilling to stay here. I was thirsty for getting rid of here and the life that is full of poverty and hunger. But there was no chance for me to change my life. Until that day……

Some guys showed up in here and announced that they had a theory that may eventually change our lives in the squatter. However, the theory was somehow just like an experiment which sounded totally useless for us. But I knew my chance had come. After all, no gain without paying. So I joined them.

It’s really hard to time, building and planning. Through our efforts, a towering dwelling had been built. The residence was not only a place that continued the form of trade in the Dharavi but provided us a new purchaser.

Yet at some point, we can’t settle for the scattered stalls, instead, we quested for a broader and more concentrate marketplace in order to trade more conveniently. Therefore, we cooperated with the people who lived in the other two dwellings and built a broad marketplace.

Now, 10 years have passed. More and more people are moving here and coming to the marketplace. I can even find that the dwelling is growing based on what we have built.

Watching the people go by, I can’t help to imagine that maybe I can own my own store here in the near future that I would never even try to think of before, which makes me too excited to fall asleep……

Yours, Prasad

Wednesday, Sunny

Listening to my staffs’ report which is about the GAIA and watching the growing building in the distance, I can imagine what it looks like initially.

The underpart of the building is used for living and this function continues to be so today. But the difference is that it is becoming bigger and more stable. Once the rough marketplace was just a place to run a small and scattered business but now a mature trading system is being formed.

Not only that, but they have also developed their own second industry. And aiming to adapt to the rapid development of economic and the demands of life, the people up there have built a CRT(Cable Car Rapid Transit). Now they can communicate with the city.

What is said above are the factors that make the GAIA develop so well.

A few decades ago, nobody could imagine that it would have come to this high. But the fact is, GAIA is developing faster and faster which ­­caused amounts of investment constantly. In the meantime, the building is injecting vigor into the slum.

Now the GAIA is my biggest rival as well as the best place to develop. I don’t care what will the future be like. The most important thing is that if I can expand my business up there, maybe I can earn millions even thousands of treasures.

Yours, Harish

Wednesday, Sunny

……Today is my 8th birthday and it’s the first time my mom take me to the top of the GAIA. I saw great scenery that I had never seen before.

There’s a lot of building which is just like the one I am living. And there are a great many greens extend from the foot of the building into the ground far away. What’s more, there’s an ocean nearby shining under the sun. It’s really a fabulous world……

Yours, Sophie

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