This proposal concerning a housing scheme for the homeless and the creation of an agricultural park, located in the northern suburban area of Athens comes from Dionysis Gonatas and Vangelis Lantavos of Greece.

Lately in Greece, the debate regarding the state-owned property has been intensified. In the case of buildings, many of them are unfortunately in poor condition due to lack of maintenance or complete abandonment. On the other hand as a result of the economic crisis, a large number of citizens are at risk of poverty, while the number of homeless people, especially in large urban centers, has increased dramatically according to recent statistics.

This reason led the team of Gonatas and Lantavos to bring about this conceptual design proposal, which is bounded on a plot of 105 acres, located on the edge of the suburban town of Agios Stefanos. The region is designed as a housing hub for the homeless, as well as an agricultural and leisure park with playgrounds, that will serve the area. The financial independence of the community will be based upon the sale of agricultural products cultivated on the site. Moreover, agriculturalists will educate the homeless through rural activities towards their subsequent integration into the production process due to necessary reconstruction and further development of the rural sector in the country.

The mega-structure of the existing antenna from the Hellenic Radio Television company remains and is reinforced by additional metallic parts, all the way up to of 50 meters above the ground. This serves as the major support element for the addition of prefabricated living units, in which the homeless can stay. The antenna pole is framed by three new buildings circularly positioned around it, consisting of a covered flea market at the ground level, living, hygiene area and offices, on the first level, as well as a dining-café, at the highest level.

The aim of the design proposal is to create an impact with multiple benefits for the region and its citizens while protecting the people exposed to difficult conditions.


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