Moritz Mombour has designed a music pavilion for the Karmelitermarkt in Vienna. The concept for the project revolves around the notion that qualities typically deemed as un-architectural can be purposefully employed in order to abandon the typical ambition of creating and preserving a perfect aesthetic moment. Attributes such as decay, tenuousness and collapse are harnessed to produce an atmosphere that can embrace emotions ranging from the uncertain to the romantic. The cellular logic of the project allows for continuous expansion and, in turn, a continuous evolution of these qualities and emotions.

Designed as part of the “Excessive” program lead by Hernan Diaz-Alonso and tutored by Steven Ma, the project is part of an ongoing conversation that explores disciplinary autonomy, emerging aesthetic paradigms, and systematic speciation. Every year the program focuses on a specific topic, which is then researched as a 3 semester postgraduate course in architectural design. Students develop knowledge through the exploration and application of both emerging theories and new design territories. Studio projects, alongside related design workshops and seminars, focus on the challenges of developing and expanding the domain of emerging technologies in the design and production of architecture.

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