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Today, more cities and urban centers are building dedicated bicycle lanes on city streets. Cycling is becoming an increasingly viable way to commute to work and make short, local trips around town.  However, cycling is also a fair- weather transportation option and often carrying groceries or other items is relegated to a small wicker basket perched precariously on the handle bars. The reality is that most climates and most cities need a viable alternative to make short distance commuting a reality for self propulsion. The TrikE is designed to be a true alternative to the car for local transportation.

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The bike is the work of Speed Studio Design. Specializing in design and styling of consumer products and transportation, Speed Studio Design is a small, flexible & dynamic design studio with extensive U. S. and Asia experience.

TrikE is an electric-assist HPV. It’s designed to go anywhere a bicycle can go, while providing weather protection and light cargo storage. With a top speed of 20mph and a 750w electric motor, TrikE is legally classified as a bicycle. No driver’s license is required, and parking is easy. The 36v lithium battery pack costs pennies to recharge. An innovative lean-steering system provides nimble yet secure handling. TrikE is a also a lower cost alternative to neighborhood electric vehicles for colleges, country clubs and city services.

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Many smaller cars and electric vehicles seem to be too close to being a car. Many alternative bike options fail to think of think of weather. This particular alternative seems to capture many of benefits of the emergence of bike lanes and bike paths, while addressing the negatives of bike transport.

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