MY Lounge Chair – for Walter Knoll

Extending Ben van Berkel’s earlier MYchair into a family of related designs, My Lounge Chair will be presented for the first time at the Walter Knoll stand in Milan. My Lounge Chair continues and extends the formal qualities and spatial effects of the earlier MYchair, with the facet shapes of the chaise longue inspired seat echoed in the curves of the supporting frame.

“My Lounge Chair is literally an expansion of the MYchair, both physically and conceptually. An actual stretching of the original chair extends the ‘Coming Home’ concept of relaxation and reflection even further.” – Ben van Berkel

New Amsterdam Chair – for Wilde+Spieth

Originally conceived in connection to the New Amsterdam Plein and Pavilion in New York, the New Amsterdam Chair has since been further developed into a multi-purpose chair for use in a wide variety of different settings, both indoors and out. It can be placed at the dining table, in offices or in conference rooms, in the garden or on cafe terraces. The design of the stackable New Amsterdam Chair is based on a continuous, single line which expands into an uninterrupted surface, forming a shell-like cast for the human body.

“The human touch is expressed in the organisation of the chair. The New Amsterdam Chair plays with the relationship between the stationary object and the more animate human form.” – Ben van Berkel

SitTable – for PROOFF

The ‘ready for production’ version of Ben van Berkel / UNStudio’s SitTable will also be presented for the first time this year in Milan. The SitTable is designed for the various ways in which people communicate. It refers to and extends the traditional role of the table as a social meeting place and offers a rich mix of qualities and a myriad of possibilities – not only in the context of flexible placement, but also in the many tasks that can simultaneously be carried out at the table, both solitary and social, or a combination of the two.

“Through the cross combination of usage possibilities, the SitTable offers a diversity of options for placement. It can be used in libraries, in airport lounges, waiting rooms, schools, as a display surface in exhibitions and shops, and of course in the home.” – Ben van Berkel

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