Conceived as a forerunner of Ukraine’s development of sustainable means of communication, the project uses principles of biomechanics in linking form with function. Designed by KO+KO Architects, the Center for Development of Innovative Transportation Technologies comprises an entire network of factories, technologies and spaces. It uses principles of biomimicry in a strategic way, as well as aesthetically. The building is a living organism, with its mechanics, structural configuration and visual appearance. A particularly important issue for the architects was establishing a state between chaos and order, whole and fragments, organic and industrial imagery.

In order to facilitate the entrance to the building an additional street was introduced from the Moskovskyi Bridge in the direction of Podil. The street itself is divided into three parts, establishing maximum accessibility of the structure and leading towards parking lot, driveway and exhibition areas. The left wing of the building has a courtyard with the economic turn pocket for easy movement of freight cars. Through the first branch the one can contemplate a provision of urban amenities, which also serve as a resting-place (in addition, it is close to the projected subway station). The first branch will actually serve as a transit point for visitors, yet the central axis of the building will serve as the main access to the facility. It separates the general layout on mentioned car park and provision of urban amenities. Car park is designed for 140 vehicles with a possible extension and provision of separate facilities for disabled people at the top. The new building will become a prominent symbol of the quay.

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