This competition proposal for Center for Promotion of Science in Belgrade was designed by a team of young Serbian architects Milos Zivkovic, Nebojsa Stevanovic, Janko Tadic, Aleksandar Gusic and Slobodanka Tadic. The object itself is a place where two ages crash – a collision of modern function and retro environment. Its architecture should provoke, associates, intrigue observers as much as its users. In time, exhibits have taken on a new form, so today the requirements for new architectural concepts have also changed. The user now becomes a participant and without him an exhibition does not exist – by activating it he becomes a part of exhibition, together they form a spectacle.

The main space is formed by de-leveled staggered slabs, recessed from the facade so they can be perceived from all levels and angles. With continuous movement through space and the use of exhibits, the user creates a form of event for himself and for the observer. All elements of the facility are subordinated to this idea and so are the access ramp and conference room that form environments that look out on the exhibition areas. The highest level of the building is formed in relation to program requirements; it is compact and offers dark areas that correspond to different types of exhibitions. In the floor there are gaps through which you get a new perspective of the spectacle. The facade of the building is used as a filter for the outside observers who watch through Fresnel lenses which are located on three sides of museum. It gives them ability to see enlarged image of the inside space and giving them a whole different perception of the Center.

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