Wang Jingyi, Shao Xutao


Urban air pollution has been a long-standing problem in China. Solutions have been drafted many times, but in such urban status, simply increasing green areas is infeasible due to the high cost of land. Oxygen produced by plants will be diluted by the huge urban fabric. Thus, the concept CITY LUNG –providing air cleaning devices to each individual building emerges in such a background. It uses flexible material to build exterior and structure, blows fresh air into buildings by expanding the membranes. The variable shape will benefit the scenery of the city simultaneously. Thus, it builds a genuine green utopia in the firm, gray and rules-based urban concrete forest.

Inspired by the structure of Chlorella cells, double-layer structure formed two coats of space within the building, as the two steps in CITY LUNG’s air purification. The principle is as the alveolar structure inside the lung. Arrange a variety of plants within the ball to make the building a vertical forest. The main body consist of tensed member, which is different from the supporting structure of traditional architecture.

The internal structure uses tensed members as the main body, hangs spherical glass bulbs in the air. The prototypes are plant fruits and microbial cells. Moreover, the component itself create interesting space and rich light effect at the same time.

Due to the impact of construction technology, traditional buildings are always somehow bulky. CITY LUNG can be built in unique non-linear structure with the help of new materials and constructing ways.

Regarding space created by flexible structure, traditional elements like corridors and elevators cannot meet the complex requirements of organization. So, the traffic within the building uses tensed structure, connecting different space by bridges and telphers, to meet the complex traffic demands.

To meet the function of breathing, CITY LUNG uses flexible membrane, which has contraction ability, to build exterior maintenance structure. This type of material has developed rapidly in recent years, owning not only high strength, but can also expand and contract within the change of temperature or current.

Meanwhile, the elastic membrane structure can control the access of air easily. Spherical space is hold by steel cable and net structure. Since each bubble is independent in the system, it is possible to create a different internal environment of them. Each small glass bubble forms a self-sufficient ecosphere by allocating animal and plant species, and using independent climate regulating device in the closed space.

Every part of the CITY LUNG is filled with excitement. In the rule-based concrete forest, it is like a freedom fighter, breaking the oppression. The translucent exterior structure attracts people’s attention, forming a sharp contrast with surroundings.



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