Copenhagen New Modern Library

By:  | January - 15 - 2015

The form of building reflects the idea of continuous and extended circulation from everywhere to everywhere. Site is surrounded by park, sea, and the city. The new library is center of these three spaces and connect them seamlessly. So the library itself becomes the place for encounter and exchange for people.

On the ground floor, public space and entrance hall are located along the path that connects park, sea, and the city. Educational space(lecture room, multimedia room), recreation space(bookstore, cafe), and functional space (elevator core, restroom, office, locker, control room) are seamlessly melting with public path.

Like a traditional building typology in Denmark, new library has courtyard, but with more contemporary way. Facade, roof, courtyard and skylight is made of one integrated system. Also this integrated system allows abundant and filtered daylight into the space to make delightful atmosphere.

The second floor is made of reading space. This space is truly filled with filtered daylight and panoramic view toward its surrounding. This relaxed atmosphere in the middle of nature reminds unique Danish culture ‘HYGGE’.

Competition : AWR Copenhagen New Modern Library Competition
Project Name : Hygge in the Nature
Architect : Sang-Uk & Heeyun
Architect in charge : Sang-Uk Park, Heeyun Bang
Location : Copenhagen, Denmark
Area : 1,700 square meter
Year : 2014

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