The answer was given by the last century which brought us to choose the concrete represented in one of its purest shapes; the cube. Once chosen a symbol to represent the museum of architecture, the idea was to analyze what is photography more than an image of something existing. We arrived at the conclusion that the ideal way to represent photography was as a negative representation of the existing.

Therefore we decided to think about the museum of photography as the mirror negative image of the architecture museum. This made us choose this path of imagining the photo museum as the opposite of the architecture and to use the glass elements to describe a wireframe of the other museum.

The volumes emerging from the architecture museum will be built with concrete structures with transparent covers, while the museum of photography, representing the negative of the others, will be made of transparent glass structures. The use of these two materials, the Mass and the Transparency, ideally refers to the two functions demonstrated in the two structures, the Architecture is Built, Mass, Photography is Transparency, Negative Idea Memory


MenoMenoPiu Architects
Team: Rocco Valantines, Mario Emanuele Salini, Alessandro Balducci, Giovanni Sandrini, Giampaolo Fondi, Pietro Bodria, Alexandra Baldwin, Paola Malinverni

TWOSIX 26-Architecture
Team: Angelo Balducci, Manuel Tonati, Giorgia Davini, Claudia Di Emidio, Giulia Vano


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