The museum designed by Paolo Venturella and Cosimo Scotucci takes shape by the deformation of the classic courtyard typology, according to functions and context. The courtyard building, that works as a path for visiting the exhibition, is taken into consideration as a starting point and then deformed pushing one side on the other.

The deformation literally goes beyond its limits and alters a simple typology into a more complex one. In this way the park enters in the project making the courtyard a public space open to the city. Moreover it cantilevers on the street side creating a covered area for the entrance and making the building appearing as if it were “welcoming” visitors that are coming to visit the museum.

The volumes that step up and down are a urban promenade that host rooms where the main artworks are shown and drive people to the upper terrace facing the park. Form follow exterior function while interior functions follow form.



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