Housing Solution for Slums

By:  | July - 8 - 2010

A common problem for large cities worldwide is that its infrastructure cannot keep pace with the number of new inhabitants. Fueled by dreams of a better quality of life, the world’s rural population is migrating to cities at an alarming rate. Fifty percent of the world’s population lives in cities while just a century ago only ten percent were urban dwellers. The majority of these people cannot afford well equipped housing and are forced to live in precarious conditions in the outskirts of big cities. These areas commonly known as slums don’t have basic infrastructure and proper housing, cultural, and recreational areas are just a dream.

Vertical Massive Invasion is a proposal by Ecuadorian architects Alejandra Frutos and David Tixi who imagined a large-scale primary structure developed by cities where new inhabitants could establish and build their home over time in an organized and sustainable way.

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