New York city is experiencing a new golden era, high-rise constructions are booming all over Manhattan, but most of new developments are residential. Beside Hudson Yard, few projects are design for offices even if the city clearly lacks of new renting spaces. Today 80% of offices spaces in Midtown are out dated, old and built decades ago. The ITC tower designed by Chapelle Corentin, 4th-year student at Paris’ Speciale School of Architecture, is an hypothetical project trying to imagine and prove in what ways is possible to design a state of the art office space dealing with nowadays needs in a challenging city such as New York City (what impact such a project can have and could have for the city, what benefits, what opportunities …etc).

Focusing on imaging the tower as a trigger for new development and redefine business in midtown. It has been so long for midtown to be only the stage for the most powerful and giant companies but don’t forget that America’s engine is driven by start-ups and small but dynamic companies that one day will could be a major leading one. Performing a new attractive and economic input in Midtown would be a keystone for those particular companies that will design the future of our economy also making on the path the city attractive again for outsiders and welcoming new businesses.

Defining new spaces that can be enjoyable even in 1000 feet in the air. Forgetting the traditional floor space, drove by 50’s ideas of consumerism and international style create such hostile and sad space to work in. Expression of comfort and wellness put together with new technologies that improving livable experience but also reducing the tower footprint on the environment are such important factors on a tower that wants to lead a new century revolution in an already aged city.

The tower is a great opportunity to create a 21century experience in the heart of midtown and promoting New York as a great hot spot for future innovations and expanding companies. A beacon for New York city as creating not only an iconic skyscraper redefining the skyline but also compete in the XXI century global market.


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