The project was designed in collaboration between the students of the University of Applied Science, Darmstadt and architect Boris Banozic, Frankfurt-based architect and scenographer. Displayed at Milan Design Week’s Salone Satellite, the interactive art piece explores the marriage between furniture and space.

The structure is brightly painted and features a series of graphically geometric elements that question whether furniture defines space or is an extension of it. The optically deceptive form is a fusion of a bench, table and desk. Awkward angles intrigues visitors to take a closer look and explore which elements of the stand are indeed functional, while the use of three colors – black, white and orange – forms an abstract shadow play.

The project originates and develops in between architecture, the visual arts and object design. It explores the potential of interactions between these fields to find individual and innovative solutions for the coherence of space and media. It is a piece of sculptural graphics which invites speculation and comment. Banozic states, “The synthesis between furniture and graphics blurs the boundaries between reality and illusion, surface becomes space; space becomes surface”


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