By the efforts of preservationists, architects andĀ  fans, the neglected Miami Marine Stadium was put under legal protection as a historical landmark, buying more time for it’s internationally supported restoration. Down Town’s Floating Stage Competition is conceived as an incentive for keeping the stadium cause in the global public eye. It drew more than 80 entries from around the world. The main requirement of the competition was to enable the future stage to navigate to other sites around Miami’s Biscayne Bay.

The first place went to Nebraskan Abingo Wu Studio, for their Miami Pearl proposal. A floating orb, partly submerged under the water would contain a circular stage. Functionally versatile, not to mention navigational, the Pearl stage was characterized by jury members as a “gorgeous design“.

A close second place was Inflatable, by Pink Cloud.DK.Design Group from Denmark. A mushroom shaped disc, helium-inflated and punctured by openingsĀ  allows the penetration of natural light. The disc serves as a canopy for the stage. The stage itself in made of transportable elements.

The first local entry breaking into the top three was designed by Igor Reyes and Coral Gables. Their proposal under the name The Waterbox involves a stage of a more orthogonal layout, with walls made of illuminated, cascading water.

A floating skate park, consisting of five ramps connected to the bank by footbridges took fourth place. Central area of the structure is a hexagonal landing, beneath which are situated all the technical facilities. By lifting of the ramps the structure takes shape of a band shell, suitable for any kind of venue.

Hull? Sail? Whirlwind? is the title of the fifth finalist. The design intentionally recalls both the curves of watercrafts and the roof shape of Miami Stadium. It is a family of structures floating freely near the Miami shore. Emerging from the triangular platforms are boatlike tensile canopies. By joining and separating, the stages can accommodate large event as well as more intimate community gatherings.

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