The chair is made up of 2450 acrylic sticks, each stick measuring only 5 mm. Glued together, they transform into an evocative structure that maintains a visual fragility but is a robust and functional chair that supports almost any weight. Designed by Japanese designer Junpei Tamaki, the seating structure appears fragile and delicate in its translucency, but also functional and stabile, with its rectangular form and massing. Depending on the light, it seems solid. However, on closer inspection, a pattern of acrylic segments is revealed.

The designer goes beyond creating a piece of contemporary furniture. It is a luminous, semi-transparent structure that encourages interaction, with its complex woven texture and an almost filigree detailing. This piece of furniture is environmentally friendly, as it’s made entirely of recycled plastic. The 2450 White/Clear Chair design won the Interior Design Prize at the Asahikawa International Furniture Design Competition in 2011.


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