Three Copenhagen architects and a graduate student in Los Angeles have collaborated to create a new landmark for the Harbor of Copenhagen. A skyscraper that houses a mixture of uses, including, “public, private, pauses, passages and parks,” this tower, conceived by Mathias Juel Christensen, Neel Gøbel Andersen, Søren Hansen, and student Bjørk B. Christensen, serves as a lighthouse, a beacon that welcomes ships to the great city of Copenhagen, and simultaneously harkens to the harbor area’s rebirth from abandoned shipyards to thriving residential district.

The industrial shipping zone in Copenhagen’s northeast section that has been in a state of decay since the 1980s is experiencing a housing boom, and this skyscraper will cater to that need by housing units for all ages: families, students, the elderly. Not only will all be welcome, but all will also get to enjoy the stunning views the harbor location brings: the tower will be constructed as a stack of rings with dwellings attached to the façade so that all units can enjoy panorama views. This also allows the core of the building to stay more open, creating a common space, or “neighborhood.” Though the unit designs will be diverse, a sense of continuity will be maintained through the common core.

The skyscraper promises to be impressive to all the enter Copenhagen’s harbor, but also symbolize, and add to, the exciting new life growing in the harbor area.

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