Lee Sang-ho, graduate student from Busan, South Korea, has designed the “Vertical Sprial,” a skyscraper that will serve as the “green energy landmark tower” for the city of Busan.

Busan is the second largest in Korea, and is the largest port city. It is also considered to have the second-largest solar radiation levels in the country, and the highest wind levels, making the building perfectly situated to utilize solar and wind technologies to generate energy.

The building will generate energy through several means, including the rotation of solar energy panels that will move throughout the day to capture the maximum sunlight in the day.

The building will have an observation deck from which to admire the ocean views. The tower is split into three sections according to use, and each section has a cafeteria to accommodate the people working there. Spiral walkways will feature greenery, and twist throughout the building to create calming paths to lift the spirits of those inside.

Structurally, the building is designed for maximum safety through the implementation of an outer skin made of  Zn-Al type alloy to absorb impacts and vibration. Rubber is also used in construction for the same purpose.

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