The skin of the Abra is an adaptive response solution for an outdoor music pavilion allowing for optimal sun penetration, natural ventilation, and acoustics. The pavilion serves as a temporary summer installation for music festivals in the city of Chicago.

Depending on the pavilion’s location in relation to the sun, certain panels will decrease their opening to allow ambient filtered light, while others maintain a full flexed position for natural ventilation. Thin film photovoltaics are added to the skin to absorb ambient sunlight allowing for omni directional solar gain as they wrap around the shell of the pavilion. The angular projections from the openings reflect the music from the ceiling and walls allowing for the sound waves to reach the ear and become embellished. Due to the lightweight construction, the pavilion is easily movable from location to location which is why it’s adaptation to different orientations is so necessary.

Design: Tashio Martinez

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