Algeria Skyscraper / DNA Architects

By:  | November - 18 - 2011

This project was designed for Cheraga, Algeria by Barcelona-based DNA Architects. Le Far du Grand Vent adapts itself to the surroundings. It follows the forms of the urban surface given by the road passing by and the built areas around. The building itself reminds of a ship due to the angular basis which is considerably bigger than the upper part of the construction. It could also remind of melting ice, backed by the presence of the sea nearby. The floors are separated on the exterior, with angular edges, giving the impression of fragility and that the huge integrating parts could fall apart.

Due to the used materials, such as the glass, Le far has a sophisticated and light air, contrasting the huge dimensions making it eye-catching, becoming a landmark at the city-skyline even more at night.

The situation of Le far is appropriate to make it the centre of attention and attraction. It offers a quality semi-public space for residents and visitors: service, commercial and office area, hotel, and apartments. Terraces create private promenades towards the city. Each part of the building is different according to its program and the views, all coming together with transition or buffer zones like the vertical cores connections.

DNA Barcelona Architects is a studio of Architecture, Planning, Landscape, Interiors and Design, that develops projects with a high index of innovation inside a global strategy of internationalization. The projects are located principally within Spain, North and Central Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and Central America for residential, hospitality and tourist developments.

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