Antartic Observatory / Tada Studio

By:  | February - 28 - 2011

The Antarctic Observatory is a small project designed by Borja Abellán, a member of Tada Studio. The project was designed to control Antarctic Icebergs. The form of the observatory allows snow to provide thermal insulation and water supply. It is half-buried and the facade is translucent, because there are 6 months of daylight.

All modeling has been done with Grasshopper through parametric production and to be able to calculate its adaptation to different solutions and facilitate the analysis of structural elements -using CAD-CAM methods the construction is planned to be easier than normal.

The entire interior is covered with Corian and LEDs that illuminate the observatory. The LEDs are controlled by an Arduino board and controlled by computer, which has several modes of operation. There is an interaction between the LEDs and the environment; the envelope can copy the Boreal Aurora using camcorders and also copy  the colour of the sky by associating RGB colour of LEDs to the weather i.e. R=Temperature, G=Wind, B=Humidity.

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