Editors’ Choice
2020 Skyscraper Competition

Wang Yuchen

The Concept of the skyscraper is to provide a building complex for the heaviest disaster area combining the research and rescuing function towards viruses because the virus is still one of the most difficult problems of human beings.

The colossal structures should not serve as a symbol of Maintenance of life and health, but also provide quickly aid the area in the city where new outbreaks of the epidemic situation are happening. The small box packages are prepared into the core generator of the building and transported on the corridors, assembling to be a single first aid kit holding the medicine or a makeshift hospital accompanied by doctors, ready to be dispatched. When needed, they can fly anywhere to rescue the patients. After finishing the tasks, they can fly back to the holes of the building to be recycled and share the data they collected.

The surrounded volume of the building provides space for the researchers. After they develop the effective treatment to the virus and disease, they can quickly share the data through the connection between the research area and the center area and put into production. The six volumes can serve as different department and the overlapping area makes them cooperate effectively.

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