If you’re bored with reality, check into the “Fluid Dream Art Hotel” for a night or two.

The new hotel, designed by dEEP Architects for a Beijing, China location just north of the iconic Beijing National Stadium, or “Bird Nest,” is being constructed as part of the city’s post-Olympic commercial growth strategy. The structure will have an intertwining metal exterior that will relate to the nearby stadium, and an interior whose flowing and surreal designs bring artist Salvador Dali’s imagery from canvas to real life.

The Fluid Dream Art Hotel will have 10,000 square meters of space, with an additional 1,500 square meters of outdoor courtyard areas. The individual rooms will be extremely secluded, adding to the mysterious air of the hotel; these units will be known as “egg villas,” again playing into the stadium’s nest theme, and will feature private outdoor spaces attached to the rooms.

The common interior spaces will be designed with Dali in mind, with walls, textures and furniture choices all relating to the movement of the human body, to art sculpture and painting, to light patterns, and to the concept of fluidity.

The architects have sought to contrast textures and shapes to create a structure of multi-dimensionality, but in a manner that still leaves visitors with the sense of softness, and warmth. This artful nest is still in its design phase; ground has yet to be broken on the project.

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