Designed by Asadov Architecure Studio for the Aerostatic Architecture Competition in 2010, the project envisions a universal system of modules capable of clustering and separating at great heights. The design has various functions.

The Clouds consist of aluminium skeletons fitted by a membrane fabric, divided into a number of compartments. Rigid connections between “clouds” stabilize their vertical movement and give stability to the whole structure. The structures are reachable by means of platform-boats, available on each module. The project can also have a cooling effect, as sets of rain funnels accumulate moisture in the lower parts of the modules. Solar elements are integrated within the top layer of the cover, developing necessary electric energy for life support and illumination. Besides these hybrid types of “clouds”, the ensemble also contains separate “air turbine modules”.

With reference to the Olympic complex in Sochi, several scenarios of behavior are possible: the design can act as a canopy structure, covering the foot parkway, it may accommodate VIPs and press members in the mountain ski area, etc. After the Olympics, the “clouds” can overlap the city streets during various festivals, providing entertainment and media support.

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