An undulating canopy was designed by LAVA Architects, for the invited Astana Railway Station Competition. Located at the crossroads of the city’s main routes, at the point where the railway, the highway and the metro intersect, the station has the potential to develop into a huge transport hub. The project acts as a gateway to the Kazakhstan capital.

Description from the architects:

Astana sits astride one of the ancient silk roads and is both a critical junction and stop within the European-Asian landmass and its vast rail networks. Astana’s International Railway Station is thus a place for special meeting and greeting.

As we enter the low-carbon age, central stations will be the green cathedrals of the future, cathedrals of movement, light and space. They are the critical point of arrival to a city, and represent a place of welcome, greeting and even celebration of society, of space. They reflect technological advancement, and transport/movement at all scales, from international to local.

As one of three critical central places within the City, the Station will be a central focus for movement, but also as a hub of activities: social, commerce, trade, work, play, meeting and greeting and an identification point for the city. The nature of the place and structure should reflect the society that it is built in. A Green Cathedral of the Future.

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