The project is a temporary building, part of the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. It is designed by Schmidhuber + Partner and will remain in place until October 20, 2011, to house the Frankfurt Book Fair. The Audi Ring is 100 meters long, 70 meters wide and 12 meters high. The exhibition in the Grand Hall leads visitors through the vehicle presentation, followed by a technology park with various interactive exhibits. .The 400 meter-long  test track extends across both levels of the interior, visible from the exterior via cutaways along the structure’s sides and top, and permitting the travel of up to nine vehicles at once. The course is open for visitors to experience by riding as passengers alongside professional drivers in a range of current and future Audi vehicles. As co-drivers, visitors are immersed in the driving experience, provided by the combination of technology and architecture.

Audi elaborates on the design concept: “The test track pervades the building like a pulsating artery, forming the core of the architectural ensemble around which the whole building is shaped; all entrances, openings, and façade contours are geared towards this dynamic vehicle presentation. Movement, not only of the vehicles, can be felt in every corner of the building. […] the sophisticated choreography of the test track defines the overall spatial and brand experience, [forming] the emotional climax and end of the tour.

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