Augmented Structures: Acoustic Formations” is an augmented structure, an installation created through the use of innovative parametric architecture and audiovisual techniques. The projects deals with a new mediated space: how to translate the logic of media into architecture? In this first experiment field recordings of Istiklal Street were transformed in to parametric architectural structure. The recordings were also used to create an electro-acoustical composition. The project seeks interactions between space, sound, the visual and light (with a reference to the Philips Pavilion of Le Courbusier).

Beyond being an artwork this installation is an urban experience that will nest in collective memory of İstiklal Street visitors through its scale (200sqm of surface) and the dominance of the location (at the heart of Istanbul).

During the night a visual performance was projected on the structure which was accompanied with generatively designed contemporary aesthetic visuals consisting of input data from the recordings and their transformed versions synchronized to the movement of graphics re-shaping and transforming of the structure on which they were projected. The structure in turn influenced and transformed the projections as well.

Design & construction supervision by Alper Derinboğaz, new media art by Refik Anadol, sound design by Kerim Karaoğlu & VVVV Realtime Graphics by Sebastian Neitsch.

Team: Özen Aydın, Maurizio Braggiotti, Yavuz Selim Can, Canan Çengel, Şener Çardak, Ceyhun Derinboğaz, Frederik De Smedt, Korkut Erdur, Efsun Erkılıç, Melis Eyüboğlu, Ayber Gülfer, Tülay Güngen, Işıl Karabulut, Efe Mert Kaya, Mehmet Kocaoğlu, Cihaner Nişancı, Ozan Özdilek, Yeliz Özsoy, Çağlar Öztürk, Bülent Tunçay, Veysel Uğurlu, İdil Seren Yücel & Mustafa Ercan Zırh.


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