‘Flow’ is a self sustaining public lamp operating on the concept of a vertical wind turbine developed by Alberto Vasquez. The lamp’s main purpose is to solve the problem of poor public lighting in coasts where the energy grid cannot be transmitted. Using bamboo as a natural resource, these lights could transform often abandoned and thus dangerous shores into safe destinations.
The lamp is mostly biodegradable and can be easily manufactured by even the most unskilled worker.  LED lights are located at the ends of the wind blades, which can either create a continuous lighting surface or waving movements, depending on the speed of rotation. Its unique helix structure helps it withstand ocean winds from all directions.

It was key in this proposal for local workers to be able to mass produce lamps and to integrate them in the local market, offering the product at a cheap price. Taking advantage of cheap raw materials and wind energy, these lamps not only offer glowing plays on light for a scenic walk onshore but serve to create safer beach communities in an eco-friendly way.




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