Blimp Skyscraper

By:  | February - 5 - 2010

Project submitted to the 2006 Skyscraper Competition
Gianmarco Cavagnino, Andrea Sanna, Francesco Scrimaglio, Chiara Fogliato, Andrea Calvo


The strenuous work schedule of the inhabitants of a contemporary metropolis leaves no time for recreational activities. Every year cities around the world have less open areas and spaces dedicated to the community.

We propose a new type of building, a temporal one that could be transported from one city to another. It is a 300 meter-high structure of steel and glass with “flying rings” at every level. The rings are 64 meters in diameter; a light steel structure covered with a plastic membrane filled with gas, like hot-air balloons. It is a structure completely dedicated to recreational activities with plazas and cafes to meet people, gardens and parks to relax and sports complex with swimming pools, beaches, tennis courts, etc. 



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