Blindspot Initiative

By:  | December - 16 - 2013

The ‘Blindspot Initiative‘ is a group exhibition in Los Angeles, being funded via a Kickstarter campaign. The exhibition will showcase work by cutting edge interdisciplinary designers based in Los Angeles.

Backers of the campaign can attend up to 10 workshops, which are being offered by each of the participating designers. Each workshop aims to share the techniques and ideas at play in the production of the work. They include: fabrication, gaming, programming, 3D printing, data visualization and much more.

The exhibition has been conceived as an alternative means of design production to the traditional competition that designers frequently enter to develop and show new work.

The 10 exhibiting designers have come together to produce new work with a strong commitment to sharing their knowledge and production techniques, through the exhibition, catalogues and most significantly, workshops.

Open source, knowledge propagation and sharing ideas, underly the initiative and the Kickstarter campaign; the exhibition catalog will be inspired by the ‘Whole Earth Catalog’; the workshops will cultivate a culture of making and collaboration. This is why a Kickstarter campaign was the selected strategy to generate funding, allowing a larger community to become involved in the development of the ideas and discourse behind the work.

The Blindspot designers are:

Behnaz Farahi
Catherine Griffiths
Luis Quinones
Michael Kontopoulos
Myles Sciotto
Nicholas Hanna
Plethora Project / Jose Sanchez
Satoru Sugihara
Somewhere Something / Sacha Baumann, Biayna Bogosian, Jason King
Zach Schoch

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