Breeding Clouds Skyscraper

By:  | April - 17 - 2015

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Davide Coluzzi


On Earth, aridity has always been a problem … Latest scientific research shows that our planet is constantly getting hotter which causes significant changes perceptible for everyone. The equatorial region’ s population is already living with scarce resources of water and due to global warming, aridity will even increase in the future

Controlling the Climate

United by the aim to preserve territories and resources, humanity should respond as community to the problem of rising aridity. Some companies have dedicated years of scientific research on working out how to govern the climate. In early 2000, finally, their work concluded with positive results in the matter of controlling the climate. In their experiments, scientist used various methods to control rainfall, one of the oldest basing on chemtrails spread by airplanes, before turning to a solution with “apparently” less impact on the global system: ionization.

Few companies are touting their ability to create rain from clouds that would normally produce none. To make this process, still barely understood by the scientific community, become proven science, ionization devices are being field-tested around the globe. Most people are unaware that weather modification by cloud seeding has gone on for years, and even less are aware of this new technology.

WeatherTec cloud ionizers were used in Abu Dhabi for precipitation enhancement, with Claimed results of making it rain over 50 times when forecasters expected no rain. Their system employs radio frequency antennas to emit negatively charged ions which statically charge clouds, increasing water drop size, causing precipitation. Another, easier way to put it is the antennas create statically charged dust particles in the cloud that attract water vapor, forming droplets that fall to the ground

Based on the ILAP Technology (Influence on the Local Atmospheric Processes), Clear Sky Manager TM has been developed by Advanced Synoptic Technologies Ltd (AST) for managing, at a local atmospheric level, humidity density in the sky in order to pursue a a wide range of possible objectives: create precipitation, avoid or create snow, disperse fog and smog or, generally speaking, conduct any type of atmospheric action that may improve living conditions at ground level.

Most of these studies are only at the theoretical level, the evidence of the operation are uncertain, the research continues.

Clearly there is a serious danger related to the possibility of making military use of climate control, which is why many researches are secret. I sincerely hope that the use of such powerful technologies will be to the benefit of all humanity and not turn against it.

The project

Breeding clouds is a vision of a possible future in which mankind has managed to use its wits to solve serious problems such as climate change and aridity.

To interpret vertical building in a world in danger means to create small vertical ecosystems. The Breeding Clouds towers are rain generators. The lower part of the tower consists of ionizers that collect and electrify dust particles from the ground. Negatively charged ions tend to rise to the warmer air. Each tower has the ability to capture within a giant glass case the ionized particles. Inside the condensation chamber they are kept in continuous circular motion in order to condense the charged particles with the right humidity: in this way a cloud is generated. The fully charged cloud will create rain, which is collected along the stem of the tower and will be used to irrigate the levels of the tower and the surrounding soil. Large amounts of rain concentrated in a small point may change the way to cultivate plants. The tower is a large vertical greenhouse to collect botanical species that usually could not exist in an arid climate. Developing these towers in desert areas means generating artificial oases. The power supply of this futuristic building is autonomous, using the kinetic energy of the water itself and solar energy captured on the outer shell of the cloud generating condensation-chamber.

The project is clearly utopian but it wants to point out that new technologies and climate research can used in an alternative way than to terrorize or defeat others: to finally comfort and give a better life to those in distress.

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