Seeking to unite functions of the three existing buildings of Brussels Airport, architects at UNStudio introduced an elongated fibrous structure.  The insertion establishes its own identity while serving as a connection between contrasting entities of the terminal and Pier A. It is a fully integrated commercial zone which facilitates various operational processes, retail functions, etc. Once past the screening area, the passengers are introduced to a duty-free shopping area and led towards a double height central plaza with cafes. The elevated Cockpit occupies the highest area of the Connector, offering best views of the plaza below as well as the planes, landing and taking off.

The structural design principles for the Connector Building are based on a sustainable approach formed with consideration to site constraints, constructability and operational flexibility.The infrastructural element introduced to the existing configuration translates its visual identity into a recognizable imagery of fluent and undulating forms. This intervention is consistent with the ambition of management to transform the Brussels Airport into a future European hub. It provides a pleasant and memorable passenger experience and unifies the entire Airport into a striking landmark architecture.

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