This TV-Radio tower designed by architects Ahmet Unveren and Seckin Maden will be located on the great Camlica Hill – Istanbul, which has an altitude of 240 meters above  sea level. The site consists of 120.000m²  in a natural reserve protected  by the government. The project aims to be an innovative 350 meter high tower that would clean the overall mess of the current TV and radio antennas on the site.

The project is based on the duality of the natural protected site and the tower. This duality comes up with: functional trauma, formal trauma, and spatial trauma. Instead of accepting the disconnection and fixing it; the intention is to utilize the tower as the functional and formal continuation of the natural protected site.

The specified urban space and the view terrace should not be separated as two alternative units by vertical circulation, within each other. The urban use of the tower is specified as a panoramic elevator, based only on ground level. The main urban movement is figured on ground level with the surrounding flora. The intersection space of the horizontal circulation on the park zone and the vertical continuation of the tower is the most critical zone of project. The horizontal-vertical balance, transition of open-close spaces and even the nature-tech interface is based on this critical zone. The polygonal shell, generates different qualities of space inside and outside. The aim in visual continuity is based on the hierarchical articulation in the tower. Because of this reason; the formal significance is mostly emphasized on the ground level related with the park, instead of the terrace and technical zones on upper levels.

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