Kazakhstan based architect and artist Saken Narynov re-imagines earth, the most ancient of building materials, as a modern multistory complex serving multiple families in a high density, low impact fashion. Adobe construction has been a common place construction method in Asia for at least 6 thousand years. Its ongoing prevalence due to its low cost, energy performance and relative low skill set to work with makes it a unique building material for housing.

A proposed ten story lattice performs as a base for organic building to be constructed in using adobe and cob construction techniques.  The frame supports add necessary rigidity for moderate earthquake protection. The roof holds a solar array for localized energy production. The large roof also protects the walls from weather and the dwellings from intense sun. Balconies and roof decks provide outdoor access. Using a basic structural framework relatively unskilled labor can construct midrise housing using locally sourced materials and trades. The reduced energy requirements and indoor air quality of the abode wall will protect the inhabitant’s well being.  Adaptive reuse of the grid infrastructure can accommodate multifamily, small commercial purposes as well as grow in density as population pressures require.

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