Fashioned by a simple circle Andrew Maynard Architect’s Mt. Macedon House is currently under construction near the town that the home derives its name in Victoria, Australia. Incorporated into the wooded landscape the home’s geometry grows out of the hillside keeping it from being walled off from its environment. The landscape adds variety to the circular form as well which provides elevated views throughout the main living floor. The home’s open expanse to a central courtyard, divided by a lap pool in the center, articulates a recreational and social presence as each space can see and been seen from the rest of the home. The interior floor plan, with bedrooms to one side, kitchen and living in the middle and office and garage on the opposite end is egressed by an inner path lining the courtyard. The total effect is one of relaxation. 

The landscape continues to a vegetated slope which then turns into a deck that is approached appropriately enough by a circular staircase. The integration of the hill into the house is key design element providing a path to the upper hillside, roof or across the home. The entrance’s centerpiece is a tree growing from the floor and through the circular opening in the roof. Wrapped externally by vertical louvers the entire house’s glazing is protected from unwanted solar heat. On the roof a solar electric system and solar thermal collection for the swimming pool provides renewable energy resources, furthering the intention of integration of the home into the land.

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