Biothing‘s design for Europan 2011 competition focuses on the integration of local architecture and physics through a highly developed architectural fabric consisting of urban furniture, synthetic “weather” and dispersed energy production.

In Climath, Croatia’s Old City stone pavements and network of courtyards and gardens are replicated through a tilling pattern generated by the 5 colored Cellular Automata algorithm, which results in an even distribution of infrastructural cells which designate areas of benches, planters, and spaces for lights. These different seating elements are programmed in the surface as well as programmable spaces for different densities of light. A popular destination for hot sunny afternoons, the top layer of the plaza synthesizes an arena of mist among a field of aromatic planters. The design proposes to store solar energy through the absorption of the plaza’s daily sun exposure created by distributed arrays embedded in the pavement.

Spectacular sights are framed through mathematical analysis of the inclined, shredded plateau, which provides a massive clearance towards the Old City walls. This shredded fabric continues to shape a vertical residential community, allowing for a luxurious apartment life to experience multiple complex sectional conditions, opening interstitial patio spaces, skylights, and a network of roof terraces. The two layers of plazas are connected through a highly porous skin structure, allowing points of canyon formations to allow for light, shadows, and a visual connections. Program is dispersed with regards to different lighting conditions, locating restaurants, cafes, offices and a green market around light wells and shopping and entertainment centers in darker grooves.

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