There is the idea of floating in space: the impression of walking on air that is achieved by creating a network of balloons, suspended on spider webs. Technically, the project resembles Buckminster Fuller experiments on geodesic domes. There is also another layer to the exhibition: the idea of being able to physically experience the effects of somebody else’s movements in space. The concept evolves from an idea of coordinating behaviour and environment, without the didactics of the current environmentalist approach. The body is exposed to physical changes in the environment, directly caused by another human being. The installation explores what the author calls “a realizable utopia”.

The exhibition “Cloud Cities” is currently placed in the Hamburger Banhof in Berlin. Visitors are free to enter around 20 balloon models of various sizes-sort of a hanging settlement.  The transparent balloons are accessible through ladders. Seen from underneath, people seem to be walking on air.

Tomás Saraceno’s work, which is used as organic fencing once inhabited by plants and sometimes kept floating in space only by black cable networks, is referred by the artist as “biospheres” or “Flying Garden”. The terminology itself suggests that Saraceno draws his inspiration from natural sciences, biology in particular, as well as architecture, the discipline he initially studied.

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