Cocoon Housing / John Farrace

By:  | June - 30 - 2011

Cocoon Housing is a highly conceptual housing typology that was designed by John Farrace at the USC School of Architecture for the purpose of exploring techniques of representation. The project is an attempt to reduce both technical and experiential drawings to their essence (at a graphic level), and hybridize them into a homogenous set of drawings that reference the mediated experience of a camera lens (in perspective) and the raw look of black and white technical line drawings.  Each drawing fits into a given category — plan, elevation, perspective, for example — but have specific components of other categories, leaving an “in-between drawing” that represents and speaks to multiple ideas at once.

The project also locates itself in the current state of the profession as we move into primarily 3D generated drawings.  How will the technique of drawing and representation change to adapt to 3D software while still referencing the look of imagery across all creative mediums today?  This project attempts to shed light on the residue left with the various mediums architects use.

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