KPF‘s design for Abu Dhabi International Airport Midfield Complex has recently been signed for fall 2012 construction and is to be completed by 2017.

One of the fastest growing airports in a popular tourist destination, the ‘Garden of the Gulf’ serves as a monumental gateway to the city and is considered a key player in the 2030 master plan. ¬†Fundamentally adapting to the airports’ growing capacity and adaptability, the terminal processes almost 50 million travelers each year, and the expansion will help accommodate and increase passenger experience through larger interior zones. The x-shaped terminal complex provides efficient programmatic function, housing more than 18,000 sq m of facilities and retail, almost 10,000 sq m of international restaurants, over 27,500 sq m of hospitality and a cultural museum, and 49 gates.

The terminals’ swooping roof in the departure hall provides a natural light opening which helps connect inner and outer civic spaces. The sinuous roof structure also helps minimize environmental impact, as high performance angled glass reduces heat and assists in ventilation, and likewise, a pulling down of an undulating facade protects terminal passengers from the sun. An eventful use of dry landscaping reduces the use of potable water adhering to sustainable practices in a desert climate. Designed with collaboration with Arup, NACO, and BNP Associates, the terminal’s design should meet a minimum Two Pearl Rating.

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