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2016 Skyscraper Competition

Wei Ke Li, Sheng Jiang, Xing Chun Zhi Zhang

Nowadays, there is a group of people who are out of the society, because of living in remote areas but transportation is not convenient. So they are gradually isolated from the world. Poor medical and traffic standards result in the reduction of local population. Located in the central area of North Guangxi Rongshui County, the area is 50 kilometers long and 30-35 km wide, with general height of 1500 meters. The Mount Yuanbaoshan is 2081meters above sea level and it is the third highest mountain in Guangxi province. In this valley, people who live in poverty are difficult to communicate with the outside world. In recent years, natural disasters have become worse, and it takes too long time to escape from the town. So when the nature disaster come or the people get sick, they are sentenced to death , so we have to solve the problem.

There is a river flows through the valley, the river is the source of the water for the local people. Usually, the amount of water is relatively stable, but the water tends to rise when the rainfall becomes large. If it keeps rainning, the water level will become higher and higher, resulting in floods , landslides and other natural disasters. Many villagers have lost their life for this reason. We thought of making a‘master asembling station’ . When natural disasters occur, every household can reach the station by the device of the refugees which prepared for every houses quickly. The “station” has many small units for people to live in.I n this way we can avoid life’s loss in a better way. In the small container, we provide a place for the villagers to rest and reside in. Even when there is no disaster, the villagers also can go to any places where has medical treatment or other facilities by the devices we designed. The behavior of station looks like dandelion, so we call it ’dandelion vessel’. We made it possible to combine these villages and to transport the people from the bottom to the master station, which can transfer the people who are in emergency while contacting with the outside environment very well. So that people can adapt to nature better, rather than to reform the natural.

The master station’ is made by menbrane and tensile, every house will given a rescues unit which can rise to the station when they need. And the surface of the ‘master station’ is made of strings and tensile, and the menbrane will be inflated to a inflation balloon units which can link to rescue units to get away form station.




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