By:  | January - 10 - 2011

Norwegian Architectural firm MVRDV had their DnB NOR Bank Project top out this fall and is part of the large Oslo Barcode downtown development. Conceived as the largest and  most pixilated of three joined buildings which consolidate the banks operation. An underground concourse connects the three towers. The nonlinear narrative of the façade stands in opposition to it new neighbors situated along the track of the Oslo train depot. A complex program results with many informal spaces to allow staff interaction, open eating facility at the top and multiple paths through the building. The internal egress routes cross the building allowing multiple paths to each floor. Access is provided to the outdoors and green spaces for each floor as a result of the staggered floor plates.

The pixilated form also provides daylight penetration deeper into the interior and a large covered outdoor entrance to the lobby. Areas of floor to ceiling fenestration using advanced thermal glass enhances the daylight harvesting. The 17 floor building will hold an impressive 2000 workstations along with the executive suites and trading floor. A stone skin will cover the face of the building allowing for crags to provide vegetation mimicking the Norwegian mountains. Construction will be completed in early 2012.

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