Presented at the recently closed Vienna Design Week, the self-powered chair is an object which brought a lot of media attention to its creators. Novague is a Prague based design studio founded in 2008 by Petr Novague. Their design philosophy evolves around the concept of energy, also the key aspect of their Rocking Chair design. The aim was to create a widely used object that would be able to produce energy as a by-product of its exploitation. Eventually, a rocking chair design was decided upon, connecting the act of relaxing to the process of producing energy. A simple steam engine like kinetic mechanism is set under the seat which works with a sliding lever that pulls a flywheel disc while the chair rocks.

The chair became a finalist of the Greed Gadgets Competition in 2009. After two years of development, the result was a fully functional product with an energy-producing mechanism supplying a LED lamp or recharging an iPod. This final form of the Rocking Chair is a prototype, but is planned for serial production by December 2011.

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