Kitchens of the future will likely look vastly different than they do today. Lots of new high tech gadgetry is a given, but what about indoor vegetable and herb gardens, composters that are as easy to use as a sink disposal, and even integrated appliances that utilize waste heat or water? Ekokook, by La Faltazi Lab, is already way ahead of us and has designed that kitchen of the future, and the outlook is very green.

As the kitchen is often the heart of the home, it naturally follows that it is one of the bigger sources of environmental impact, considering the amount of energy used to cook and store food, as well as the impact of the food itself. This is the reason why La Faltazi Lab wanted to tackle this area of the home and make it more energy and resource efficient, as well as a place we would want to spend our time.

The kitchen includes individual areas for each activity in the kitchen, but combines all of them into one cohesive, streamlined unit. On one side there is a steam oven topped by a range unit with a gas burner, hot plate and a wok burner, (because everyone really wishes they had a wok burner). Food storage for bulk items, dry goods, fruits, vegetables, and refrigerator drawers for the cold stuff. The hanging containers above hold various foods, condiments, cookbooks, and even a place to grown veggies hydroponically.


The other side of the unit contains the power house of the kitchen and three separate micro plants for processing. The first is the unit that separates and stores waste, like paper, glass, metals and plastic. In the middle is the water use, collection and recycling micro plant, including the sink, water filter and a two-tier drawer dishwasher. And then last, is the organic waste micro plant, which consists of a worm composter and compost collector. Each of these units works hand in hand with each other, offering up waste energy or water to help another process rather then sending it down the drain. And in the end, you get a super efficient, eco-conscious kitchen.

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