A self-taught furniture designer and studio owner Joseph Walsh is considered one of the world’s most promising and forward looking young artists. The extraordinary quality of his craftsmanship is widely recognized, receiving critical attention of curators, academics and the media. The design approach is derived from a body of knowledge accumulated over the years, working almost exclusively with wood. This intimate understanding of the material resulted in a fluency with design and production techniques, altogether enabling him to take a more conceptual approach.

The title Enignum is derived from the Latin words Enigma (‘mystery’) and Lignum (‘wood’), explaining the conceptual intent of the whole series: the mystery of the composition lies in the material. In the Enignum series of work the artist manipulated wood by stripping it into thin layers. The amount of freedom achieved with this process resulted in a wide array of practical objects and installations. All work is done by hand, expanding the definition of what a piece of wood furniture can be. The inspiration is found in notions of layering, erosions, rock formations, etc. Sweeping, flowing forms of wood are in line with the organic nature of the material; it spontaneously adapts to physical barriers and influences when in its natural surroundings. That idea of formal versatility is skillfully articulated by the artist.

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