Editors’ Choice
2020 Skyscraper Competition

Wang Kewen, Zhang Shuo, Li Yongze

Up to this day, human beings have begun to pay more attention to what is the basis of their long-term survival as a higher living creature on the earth. The irrational use of our planet earth, a finite resource in the universe, will cause the demise of humanity. The finite resource is the main carrier of future civilization which gradually goes into people‘s vision these days. Even in deserts, inaccessible places, have a precious resource. By using modern technology, there is a possibility that we could turn the useless sand into the usable materials as building materials and soil for crop cultivation.

Our research is focusing on how to coordinate the advantages of each resource and technology and bring them into the architecture as the container. Our site is located in a desert region in Libya. Generating the new ecological infrastructure, which arranged in the center of existing towns, oases, and areas rich in groundwater, formed into the Tyson polygon, the mathematical model of nature of discrete points to the minimum sum of each distance, spreading over the entire area.

Creating a new ecological infrastructure that scientifically transforms sand into a viable resource for use, with the aim of turning the desert country into a place to live and visit is our method. In the case of the Desert country – Libya, the project will help it to change the utilization patterns of the desert and to transform it into a nation saw deserts as precious resources.


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