Eynali Suspended Gardens

By:  | December - 3 - 2020

Editors’ Choice
2020 Skyscraper Competition

HANNAH Architecture Group
Jalal Salek Zamankhani, Masoud Nimehforoush, Gholamreza Yari Bostanabad, Hussein Aghoushi, Shabnam Jalali Khosroshahi, Aylar Naghizadeh, Faegheh Pourachabalaei

Tabriz city was traditionally known for its lush gardens and natural surroundings. Excessive exploitation of natural resources on one hand, and mass urbanization, on the other hand, demolished a vast majority of these gardens and left this city as a mere industrial zone.

The Flourishing Platform Skyscrapers project aims to revive the traditional image of Tabriz city as a city-garden. Each platform consists of one central sponge core which is connected deep into the confined aquifers within mount Eynali. These core sponges absorb water from the earth and feed the vegetation planted on the platform. In order to enhance the absorbing functionality of the core sponges, Potassium polyacrylate could be used which is considered a super absorbent polymer.

In addition to providing a sustainable method for planting a wide variety of trees and vegetation, this concept contributes to the hiking culture in this city. These bridged platforms not only invite city dwellers to plant their own desired vegetation and trees but also provide straightforward access to a mountain peak and allow citizens of any age and disability to come together and enjoy their hiking experience.

Some of these platforms are enclosed in order to have the ability to function in extreme weather conditions and allow researchers to investigate rare types of plants. The entire parts of this mountain skyscraper have the ability to be covered by flora within three years.

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